Wednesday, November 23, 2011

JBoss AS 7 at Devoxx

I just got back from my first ever Devoxx, and it is a really great conference - I was very pleasantly surprised! The auditoriums for the main talks were amazing.

Dimitris, Pete, Carlo, Dan, Lincoln, Aslak, Andrew, Max and I (apologies if I forgot anybody, there were quite a few of us) did a BOF on JBoss AS 7 with good attendance and some great questions from the audience. In hindsight I wish I'd prepared some demos for anticipated questions though.

It was a very nice experience to hang around the JBoss booth and finally meet some real AS 7 users after having worked on AS 7 the past year and a half. Users of older versions of the application server seemed to be impressed by the much improved configuration and domain management of AS 7. From the chats I had that seemed to be the thing people were most impressed by/disliked the most in previous versions.

Then there were numerous other talks by the usual JBoss suspects, all of which were great and packed. Since I'm biased and work on AS 7 I loved Andrew Rubinger and Dan Allen's talk on AS 7, and of course Pete Muir's talk on OpenShift. There will be more blogs from the rest of the team on our events page.