Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Microcontainer Downloads

While getting up to speed after joining the JBoss Microcontainer project, I have updated our downloads section with the latest releases.

The old JBoss Microcontainer 1.0.x releases can still be found on Sourceforge. Since those early releases were uploaded the JBoss Microcontainer has developed a lot, and it is now the umbrella for several sub-projects.

The downloads section has been split into two main categories:

  • The Frameworks category contains the downloads most convenient for end users:

    • Kernel: This is what most people think of when they hear "Microcontainer". It contains the core of the Microcontainer and its dependencies. In brief this is the core state machine with the dependency injection framework, with support for bean metadata supplied via xml or annotations.

    • JBoss Virtual Deployment Framework: This contains all the individual projects from the JBoss Microcontainer project. It consists of the Kernel, advanced classloading capabilities and deployment support, as consumed by JBoss Application Server and JBoss Reloaded.

  • The Individual Projects section contains the independent releases of the JBoss Microcontainer sub-projects. Only the binaries and sources are currently contained in the downloads, with no dependencies. The sources are however buildable using maven (version 2.0.9 or later), so you can get all the dependencies and javadoc.

The current releases on the downloads pages take the already released latest releases of the MC projects. Over the next few releases the plan is to put in a lot of effort in improving our consumables.

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